Call for Papers - Military History Consortium

The Military History Consortium (MHC) will be holding its first annual conference on 7/8 June 2024 at Lancaster University in the United Kingdom. The organising committee invites panel and individual paper proposals on any aspect of military history and the history of war and conflict in its broadest sense, ranging from ancient to modern times and spanning the entire globe. This includes the interactions between political, economic, social, and cultural history with military history.

In line with the MHC’s aims, panels and papers that cover periodically and geographically under-represented areas, e.g. Antiquity and the Global South, are especially welcomed. A key aim of the MHC is also to provide a platform for and support the development of early career scholars, and therefore submissions from PhD students and postdocs are strongly encouraged.

The MHC connects institutions, academics, and students engaged in the study of warfare and/or military organisations in the past. Its dual aim is to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas in order to strengthen international research cooperation, and a framework for joint teaching initiatives and programmes. The MHC’s membership is international, and its scope is global. While the consortium’s teaching and research agendas focus on the past, it seeks to address contemporary security challenges and inform related policy debates. It is only the study of war and the military in the past that enables us to understand and contextualise the present and thus prepare for the future.