ICMH Fellowship 2021, book result

The ICMH Fellowship for Research Projects on Military History was established in 2021 for the purpose of helping a selected post-doctoral young scholar finance projects of research in Military History, focusing on “the history of warfare, of military campaigns, of the armed forces, of military thought and philosophy, diplomatic aspects of conflicts, causes and effects of wars, defence economics, civil-military relations, military technology, military leadership, and demographics of military forces. A preferential element in the selection is the use of archival sources.”

The inaugural recipient of the 2021  ICMH Fellowship for Research Projects on Military History was Dr. Héctor M. Strobel del Moral of Mexico, a Scholar holding the Ph.D.,  for his project of research under the title “The Mexican Military Organization against the French Intervention, 1862-1867.” This research project aimed to explain the Mexican government’s strategies to create an army and defend the country during the war against France, 1862-1867. His main goal was to discover and analyze the different ways in which the armed forces were formed at the time, while serving to propose new uses for the study of the armed forces and of the strategies of defence.

Dr. Strobel, as a direct result of his ICMH Fellowship for Research Projects on Military History funding, completed his worthwhile project. This study has been published as Resistir es vencer Historia militar de la intervención francesa, 1862-1867 (Mexico City: Grano de Sal, 2023), in monograph form in Spanish, with French and English publishers under consideration. Dr. Strobel gratefully acknowledged in his book the International Commission of Military History and the Breidenthal-Snyder Foundation, for their support.