[CANCELLED] Turkish-Spanish Military History Symposium

THE EVENT HAS BEEN CANCELLED. “Turkish-Spanish Military History Symposium” will be held on 23 - 24 September 2021 at Turkish National Defence University-Istanbul by Turkish National Defence University-Fatih Institute of Military History Studies in cooperation with Turkish Historical Society. All the details and the announcement of the symposium could be found at www.msu.edu.tr. You will also find the basic/detailed information and the symposium poster as an attachment to this mail.

New ICMH scientific initiatives

The ICMH announces two new initiatives proposed by the President to the Full Board which approved them: the ICMH Fellowship for Research Projects on Military History and the Affiliate Individual Scholars. Their purpose is to enhance ICMH’s scientific standing and audience. The President earnestly solicits collaboration in circulating this information in order to guarantee the initiatives’ success.

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