The New Board (2020-2025)

Following the conclusion of the electoral procedures, the election of the New Board for the five years 2020-2025 has been approved by acclamation. The New Board will assume its functions on the 4th of September and will then proceed to appoint the two Vice Presidents.

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The 2020 ICMH Congress in Poland - Cancelled

A message from the Secretary General, Col. Dr. Kris Quanten:

Dear Colleagues,
I regret having to inform you that the 2020 ICMH Congress in Poznan is canceled for sanitary reasons. Please find in attachment a communication from the President, Prof. Massimo de Leonardis.
Keep safe and healthy!

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2020 Statutory Elections

A message from the ICMH Secretary General, Lt. Col. Dr. Kris Quanten:

Dear Presidents of the National Commissions,
Dear Friends,

We are living difficult times with the Corona virus. I hope you are all well and do everything to stay safe. In the meanwhile we continue – as best we can – the activities of the ICMH. 

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The Merriman Prize for undergraduates

The Merriman prize is awarded for an outstanding undergraduate essay on any topic in the fields of international and/or military history from the ancient world to the present day. Offered by the Department of History in partnership with the Centre for War and Diplomacy at Lancaster University, it is open to current undergraduates at any UK or overseas university. The successful candidate will be awarded a prize of £250.

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